Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Retreat at Stony Rise Bagdad

      Well we had our once a year retreat at a lovely serene dwelling in the hills of Bagdad. Stony Rise is a 5 twin share bedroom home, 2 bathrooms, a large family room for sewing, a comfy lounge room with fire to relax and chat in. The kitchen was large enough for 9 ladies to mill around in, with a combustion stove for cooking, hot water and warmth. Just loved it.
        Those who attended were Roxy, Jenny, Suzanne, Kylie, Judy, Vicki, Caroline, Kerry and Alison.  Judy showed us the new quick quilt top to make, a Potato Chip Quilt, so quick but so effective I hope to post a photo of this soon. We displayed our Round Robin Challenge Quilts as you will see below. All where a surprise to their owners.
         Here are some of my photos, I will try and get a few from the other girls as well
Just clowning around

Kylie's Round Quilt

Suzanne's Round Quilt

Vicki's Round Quilt

Alison's Round Quilt

Roxy's Round Quilt

Disappearing nine patch

Kylie's mystery block BOM

Kylie with her work

Kerry's hexagon quilt 15 years in the making

Kerry's paper piecing

Kylie's butterfly arrangement 1

Vicki's Jacob Ladder blocks 1

The design Vicki decided on

Roxy's grandsons quilt

Judy, Vicki, Roxy, Kylie at work

Jenny's Jacobs Ladder blocks

Suzanne's jigsaw helped by Judy and Kylie

Knitting at night

Kylie's final placement

Roxy's quilt
Hope you like the photo


Thursday, March 29, 2012

Exhibition pictures

 We recently were asked to exhibit some quilts at the Richmond Village Fair. We setup in the Town Hall sharing the space with some vintage motorcycles. It was a busy day and plenty of people to talk to.  


Sunday, May 1, 2011

Cobweb Cottage Group Quilt

The Original design which started all this.
Some of the segments almost finished
One of the segments ready to be quilted as you go
Adding the cobweb bias

Cobwebs done and ready to join the two halves

The finished quilt
             Once this quilts in place at its resting place in Cobweb cottage, I will post a final photo.

There was some much extra detail on this quilt that you had to be up close to see, I hope you like it.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Roll on Craft and Quilt Fair in Launceston

             Well Girls...... It is finished and it has been handed over for hanging and judging.
For those who don't know Our group has been stitching a group quilt for the up and coming Quilt Fair in Launceston.. Island Quilts...and as soon as I get back from there I will post photos, so you all can see what we have achieved. I pushed these girls right out of there comfort zones but I hoped they enjoyed the challenge.

Good Luck All who have entered and to those who will be inspired to enter next year.


Wednesday, March 16, 2011

March 11

A day in the life of a Tangled Web Quilter - these pics, taken last Wed are typical of the kind of activities we get up to.


Ali started working on a cloth book and continued supervising the group project.  Congrats to Ali for the pic of her Bring a Plate challenge winning piece on the cover of the Tas Quilter's Guild newsletter.  For those who haven't seen it..............

Suzanne was working on her CATS piece.  It's looks fabulous!

Nice to see someone happy in her work!

A closer look at Suzanne's CATS

Versatile Vicki brought 2 projects to work on, depending on how the mood struck.
A knitted shawl perhaps ....................

But hand work on the Hug 'n Kisses quilt won the toss - look at that concentration!

Roxy was hard at work on the group project (sorry, it can't be revealed yet).

Roxy - sewing with your eyes open is a lot easier!

Judy was playing with a couple of new gadgets - a fabric strip cutter and a bias binding maker, both by Singer.  I didn't get a chance to see the results of the road-test, but Jude looks like she's giving the fabric cutter a work-out!
It's not all fun and games - some of us have to work!


Jenny did some work on the group project (at least she said she did), but was distracted by a visit from her grandson and daughter Sarah.
Family time in the cottage

Lesley was hand sewing the binding on her Card Trick quilt.  Sorry, no pic of Lesley (she's behind the camera as usual) but here's a pic of the quilt and the man she made it for. 

 John's quilt - umm a little smaller than he expected, but he doesn't look disappointed

Maria's been holidaying in Tassie for a couple of weeks now, escaping the heat and the rain at home (sorry Maria, but is it Qld or WA )?

Maria's getting in early for next Xmas!

Marie is making a quilt as a gift for her grand-niece, 6 year old Elliana who lives in Queensland.  Elliana sold off her toys to raise money for the flood victims and raised over $600. 

The quilt had to be in pink & purple