Sunday, May 1, 2011

Cobweb Cottage Group Quilt

The Original design which started all this.
Some of the segments almost finished
One of the segments ready to be quilted as you go
Adding the cobweb bias

Cobwebs done and ready to join the two halves

The finished quilt
             Once this quilts in place at its resting place in Cobweb cottage, I will post a final photo.

There was some much extra detail on this quilt that you had to be up close to see, I hope you like it.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Roll on Craft and Quilt Fair in Launceston

             Well Girls...... It is finished and it has been handed over for hanging and judging.
For those who don't know Our group has been stitching a group quilt for the up and coming Quilt Fair in Launceston.. Island Quilts...and as soon as I get back from there I will post photos, so you all can see what we have achieved. I pushed these girls right out of there comfort zones but I hoped they enjoyed the challenge.

Good Luck All who have entered and to those who will be inspired to enter next year.


Wednesday, March 16, 2011

March 11

A day in the life of a Tangled Web Quilter - these pics, taken last Wed are typical of the kind of activities we get up to.


Ali started working on a cloth book and continued supervising the group project.  Congrats to Ali for the pic of her Bring a Plate challenge winning piece on the cover of the Tas Quilter's Guild newsletter.  For those who haven't seen it..............

Suzanne was working on her CATS piece.  It's looks fabulous!

Nice to see someone happy in her work!

A closer look at Suzanne's CATS

Versatile Vicki brought 2 projects to work on, depending on how the mood struck.
A knitted shawl perhaps ....................

But hand work on the Hug 'n Kisses quilt won the toss - look at that concentration!

Roxy was hard at work on the group project (sorry, it can't be revealed yet).

Roxy - sewing with your eyes open is a lot easier!

Judy was playing with a couple of new gadgets - a fabric strip cutter and a bias binding maker, both by Singer.  I didn't get a chance to see the results of the road-test, but Jude looks like she's giving the fabric cutter a work-out!
It's not all fun and games - some of us have to work!


Jenny did some work on the group project (at least she said she did), but was distracted by a visit from her grandson and daughter Sarah.
Family time in the cottage

Lesley was hand sewing the binding on her Card Trick quilt.  Sorry, no pic of Lesley (she's behind the camera as usual) but here's a pic of the quilt and the man she made it for. 

 John's quilt - umm a little smaller than he expected, but he doesn't look disappointed

Maria's been holidaying in Tassie for a couple of weeks now, escaping the heat and the rain at home (sorry Maria, but is it Qld or WA )?

Maria's getting in early for next Xmas!

Marie is making a quilt as a gift for her grand-niece, 6 year old Elliana who lives in Queensland.  Elliana sold off her toys to raise money for the flood victims and raised over $600. 

The quilt had to be in pink & purple

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Introducing the Tangled Web Quilters

Cobweb Cottage is bursting with activity every Wednesday when the Tangled Web Quilters meet - a quilting group who get together weekly for social sewing, fun & friendship.


JENNY is our hostess.  She has converted one of the sheds (re-named Cobweb Cottage) on her farm "Summerville" in beautiful Brighton Tasmania, into a cosy and charming sewing room for the TWQ's.

Jenny is currently working on Life is Beautiful - a quilt incorporating redwork embroidery - designed by Helen Stubbings of Hugs 'n Kisses. See the pattern here -  Hugs 'n Kisses

ROXY is the co-founder of Tangled Web Quilters and helped Jenny to set up Cobweb Cottage for group sewing.

 Roxy is currently working on a dog applique quilt for her grandson Harry.

KYLIE was the first official member of the TWQ's (yay Kylie)!  Kylie started quilting after being inspired by a quilt photo in the newspaper.  That was 13 years ago and Kylie's since made around 50 quilts.

Q & A with Kylie
  • Preferred quilting style? Love art quilts but happier doing fast piecing.
  • Most and least loved quilting processes? Besides sewing on the label - designing and choosing colours is a favourite, but the hardest part is getting started.
  • What quiltmaking skills can you tick off the list? Piecing - machine and hand, applique (not needleturn), short arm quilting, some designing.  
  • What's on your 'want to learn' wishlist? More on art and photo quilts
  • How did you learn quiltmaking? A little bit of everything - self taught, from books and classes.
  • How long and deep is your UFO bucket? I've accumlated about 12 UFO's in the past 3 years (Kylie didn't expand on why the 12 projects are UFO's - come on Kylie - we want to know)!
  • How did you hear about Tangled Web Quilters and what keeps you coming back?  I already knew Jenny and Roxy and become the very first member of the group!  I love the group as it inspires me and keeps me motivated.
Kylie is currently working on a quilt for her young son - actually down to hand sewing the binding!

ALISON has been quiltmaking since 1984! Even with a 10 year break, that's a long time (27 years folks).  Taught to sew at her mother's knee, an inspiring woman who excels in craftwork, Alison turned to quiltmaking when pregnant with her first child.  Alison keeps a blog which you can check into here - Tea Tree Quilter
Q & A with Alison

  • Preferred quilting style? All styles and types of quilts but mostly I love to design.
  • Most and least loved quilting processes? Love the piecing part but not so much the quilting.
  • What quiltmaking skills can you tick off the list? Machine & hand piecing, applique, FM quilting, frame quilting, designing and embroidery.
  • What's on your 'want to learn' wishlist? Needleturn applique
  • How did you learn quiltmaking? First from my mother, then from books, friends and figuring things out for myself.
  • Who are your influences? Any designer who does the unusual, not necessarily art or traditional.
  • How long and deep is your UFO bucket? 20 UFO's - the oldest one has been hanging around for probably 21 years. (Alison - please explain)!
  • How did you hear about Tangled Web Quilters and what keeps you coming back?  I met a group of lovely ladies at the Brighton Friendship day in 2010 while I was looking for a group to join.  What keeps me coming back is the diversity of the knowledge and the willingness of the group to share ideas.
 Alison is currently working on a table runner titled '12 Days of Christmas'. 

 SUZANNE is a lover of all things crafty and was bitten by the quilting bug 8 years ago.  In that time she has produced around 20 quilts.

Q & A with Suzanne

How did you get started - what attracted you to the craft? My mother is a quilter and I like craft work generally.
Preferred quilting style?  I don't really have one.  I like to try all sorts of differing projects.
Most and least loved quilting processes? The beginning and the end.  I love the planning stage and buying the fabrics but don't enjoy basting the quilt.
What quiltmaking skills can you tick off the list? Piecing and hand quilting.
What's on your 'want to learn' wishlist? Sewing curves.
How did you learn quiltmaking? A combination of self and book taught and now I'm learning from DVD's
Who are your influences? I don't really have any.  My choices change all the time.
How long and deep is your UFO bucket? I have 5 UFO's the oldest about 2 years.
How did you hear about Tangled Web Quilters and what keeps you coming back?  I met the group at the Brighton Friendship Day in 2010, just as I was retiring from full time work.  What I enjoy about the TFQ's is the friendship, seeing all the different quilting styles and the acceptance of others.  I also get a lot of quilting done!


Vicki has just started work on an embroidered and pieced quilt.



LESLEY made her first quilt in October 2009 (16 months ago) and is currently working on quilt #26. She is using the Quilter's Academy  workbooks to learn the craft and should take about 6 years to complete the series. (more like 10 years if she keeps getting distracted by other projects)!  Lesley blogs her quilting progress here - Block Head

Q & A with Lesley
  • Preferred quilting style? It changes as I progress, but I love the look and history of Traditional patchwork and Crazy patchwork. Also I've recently been playing with applique and loving it!
  • How did you get started? After my 1st two attempts were less than successful, I discovered Harriet Hargrave's series of books. I'm now obsessed and couldn't stop if I tried.
  • Most and least loved quilting processes? I don't enjoy marking a top for quilting, but do enjoy the challenge of FM quilting. The most agonising (but enjoyable) is selecting fabrics, though I find piecing can get a bit tedious.
  • What quiltmaking skills can you tick off the list? Piecing (not triangles yet), machine applique, FM quilting, currently playing with confetti quilting.
  • What's on your 'want to learn' wishlist? Everything! Also my hand sewing needs lots of work.
  • How did you learn quiltmaking? Learning from books, the Internet and the odd class. Lots also from other quilters - a fantastic source of information about anything you want to know!
  • Who are your influences? Harriet Hargrave & Diane Gaudynski (the best FM quilters in the world), Michelle Hill, (Applique), and anyone who has managed to make a quilt from start to finish and love the results.
  • How long and deep is your UFO bucket? Not too bad, the FM quilting is my favourite part so I tend to finish all my quilts. I have 1 table-runner I can't finish as I've not mastered the required technique to do so (mitred corner borders). As for the rest, I have about 4 hand sewing projects (including needleturn applique) which I haven't finished because my hand sewing isn't up to scratch.
  • How did you hear about Tangled Web Quilters and what keeps you coming back? Moving house meant I was looking for a group a bit closer to home. I was introduced to the TWQ's and felt instantly at ease. I keep going back each week mostly for the social interaction, the generous help I get whenever I feel a bit lost in techniques, and the buzz which abounds in Cobweb Cottage -the energy within the group is so positive.
Lesley is currently working on a Michelle Hill designed applique wall hanging.

Our regular guests are those ladies who are members of other groups, but still managed to drop by Cobweb Cottage on a regular basis.

MARIE is a very regular guest who drops in almost weekly for at least an hour and often longer.  As the Southern Rep for the Tasmanian Quilting Guild, Marie is a busy lady who tries to visit as many groups in the southern area as possible.  She is also a member of Quilt Inn and St Anne's quilting groups. 

Marie is currently selecting fabrics for her next quilt project.

CAROLINE tries to make it to the group once a month, a good effort as it's a fairly long drive to Brighton from Carolyn's place.  Carolyn is also commited to another quilting group in Oatlands.  Carolyn's visits are highly anticipated as she brings with her a wacky sense of humor and has us all laughing within minutes of her arrival.  Needless to say, not a lot of work is progressed on 'Caroline days', but no-one is complaining!

Q & A with Caroline

  • How long have you been quilting and how many quilts completed in that time? Roughly 20 quilts over the 6 years since I started quilting.
  • Preferred quilting style? I like different techniques and designs, but am mostly attracted to something whimsical.
  • How did you get started? I joined an applique group as I admired the teacher at that time.
  • Most and least loved quilting processes? I love applique work, making the pieces and seeing them come to life when I stitch them. I don't enjoy doing block patterns though.  Also I dislike people who don't laugh or smile even if I tell a daft joke!
  • What quiltmaking skills can you tick off the list? Longarm quilitng, Applique, Machine piecing, and talking ever so much.
  • What's on your 'want to learn' wishlist? Painting on fabric
  • How did you learn quiltmaking? I was classroom taught in Soft Furnishings, going to Uni in the UK.
  • Who are your influences? Lynette Anderson, Helen from Hugs 'n Kisses, Barb & Alma Adams or anyone who's got a great pattern.
  • How long and deep is your UFO bucket? None! (at the moment)
  • How did you hear about Tangled Web Quilters and what keeps you coming back? Jenny is my best friend.  She comes to my group Sippers and Sewers every Tuesday which she has done from the start.  I love attending Jenny's group, she makes everyone welcome.  You get a badge too, with your name just in case you forget.  I like the getting together and enjoying the social gatherings, also the learning from each other is a great aspect in my life and the joy of me.
  • I just want to say that helping other's is a most welcoming treat that sewers can ever have.